Two students win anti-corruption song competition

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TRASNPARENCY International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) has announced the winner and runner-up in the 2009 anti-corruption song competition.
Winners Sydney Isaiah, a foundation science student at University of Papua New Guinea and David Valentine were each presented with a keyboard from Keynote Music shop  last Friday for their winning entries.
Keynote Music House general manager Dean Ashton was on hand to congratulate the winners.
Mr Isaiah’s entry “Against Ignorance” was chosen as best entry for the theme Corruption is Everyone’s Problem – What Have You Done About It?
Mr Valentine David’s song “You can stop corruption” came in second place.
Mr Isaiah was a member of the student group “The Voice” at UPNG and was already aware of the need for young people to help raise awareness of problems facing the country.
“I entered the competition because I believed young musicians can be part of the solutions to corruption in PNG, rather than just live with the problems,” he said.
Mr Isaiah’s winning entry would be produced by Winepress studio and released to the public on International Anti-Corruption day on Dec 9.
More than 30 entries were received in the competition, and TIPNG was pleased to note the effort that many aspiring musicians put into the lyrics and music of their entries.