Two suspected escapees shot

Lae News, Normal


UNCONFIRMED reports say that two people, believed to be escapees were shot dead at the headwaters of the Bumbu River last Thursday morning.
Villagers from Kamsiling, near Igam Barracks, said a police patrol had tracked down three escapees to a camp fire in nearby bushes at about midnight last Wednesday.
They said police shot the three.
Two were seriously wounded and captured while the other escaped with injuries.
They believe one of the men was a student who had run amok at a private school in Lae three years ago and killed a teacher.
The man was also wanted for the shooting of a policeman in Lae early this year while he was on the run.
He was captured and returned to jail before joining in the mass break-out of 72 others two weeks ago.
Another man, also believed to be an escapee was shot on Christmas night, police sources said. 
They said he had been admitted to the Angau Memorial Hospital.
The Christmas itself was one of the most peaceful  in Lae for more than 20 years, according to the residents.
All liquor outlets were closed and  other sources of alcohol – black markets and home brewers – were maintained by police patrol in unmarked vehicles.
Notorious trouble spots of 4-Mile, Bumbu and Taraka were notably quiet.
Provincial police commander Supt Peter Guinness and his counterpart Nema Mondiai agreed that the Christmas was peaceful.