Two water slides at Ela Beach

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday, May 23, 2011

WORK has started on two sea water slides at the old Ela Beach Sea Park jetty as part of NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s projects to provide more recreational options for the people of Port Moresby.
Parkop, who attended a parliamentary sitting last Friday, later said in a text message Ela Beach slides were sponsored by Digicel.
“This is part of an ongoing effort to improve Ela Beach and Sea Park so they become an attraction for the people,” Parkop said.
“We are planning a major facelift of this place to get it prepared to host the 2015 Pacific Games and to make the beach front even better for the public.”
Parkop said the government would support the effort and an announcement “will be made when the money is secured. It will be in the millions”.
“Finally, I call on the public to take care of the new water slides at Ela Beach when they are completed. Public property is our property and we must all take care of it,” he said.
PNG Gardener’s Justin Tkatchenko, who was at the site, said the project was Parkop’s initiative.
“This project is sponsored by NCDC and Digicel at cost of about K200,000,” he said
“It is a double sea water slide which will head into a fenced 2m deep pool that will be created where the sea slides are.
“This park will be used every day after it is officially completed at the end of July,” Tkatchenko said.
He said the PNG Gardener company would oversee, monitor and supervise the park under the NCD parks and gardens division.
“The sea wall and the jetty will be upgraded. There is going to be a major facelift in this area which once was a beautiful spot to hang out with family and friends.”
Tkatchenko said Parkop wanted children and youths to enjoy the recreational park instead of getting involved in illegal activities.
“This park is being built for the people of Port Moresby to enjoy not only now but for many more years to come.
“I appeal to everyone in this city to be responsible and take care of the recreational facilities because they cost a lot of money.”