U20s go down to Hanyang

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

THE Papua New Guinea Under-20 women’s team put on a much improved performance to go down to 6-3 to Hanyang Univerisity in their second match of their South Korea tour on Wednesday.
It was the tale of the two different halves.
The host, won the first half 4-0 while in the second half, the lisa Cole-coached PNG side came back to score three goals but the South Koreans hit two late goals to win the game comfortable in the end.
Nicollette Ageva, Ramona Padio and Jacklyne Maiyosi scored for PNG and the side’s performance made up for their 6-0 defeat to Donggsan over the weekend.
Coach Cole said she was happy with the performance from the beginning to the end.
“We have improved a lot,” Cole said.
“The team actually played much better than the University team,” she said via email from South Korea.
The American said she had a different team to give an opportunity as many members of her squad to  get a “real game” situation.
“Our backline was much better today staying connected to team and not dropping too early.
“We had a few miss cues that led to goals and that is to be expected as they’re learning.
“Our wing play still needs to improve a ton,” she said.
In the first half, Cole said PNG did a “pretty good job” defending over all, even with the 4-0 goals the problem was that “once we won the ball we turned it right back over to them”.
“Our speed of play is still too slow and we need to do a better job with the little things.
“Coming to the ball, weight of the pass, playing to the right foot, first touch away from pressure, etc,” she said.
She said her players needed to finish moves and chances better.
PNG missed two chances and they could not afford to do that at World Cup level – taking every opportunity was crucial.
Despite that PNG were much better in the second half maintaining possession and working plays of that.