UAE firm shows interest


A COMPANY from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has submitted an investment proposal to partner with the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) to create a one-stop-shop destination PNG digital portal.
This is an outcome of the Expo2020 held in Dubai that PNG took part in.
Royal Arabian Computers recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) with PNG during the post Expo 2020 PNG-UAE Economic Cooperation Dialogue in Abu Dhabi on April 20 and has submitted its investment proposal to partner with TPA.
The company was closely following the PNG pavilion’s expo journey during the thematic events, including the launch of the PNG SME digital economy and the roundtable on education, science and the green economy.
PNG’s Ambassador to Belgium and Expo2020 commissioner general Joshua Kalinoe, who is in Dubai for the completion of the PNG Pavilion’s decommissioning exercise, met with the company and formerly received their proposal.
“The pavilion staff were aggressively implementing the target-based participation strategy as approved by the National Executive Council and the results have been overwhelming, well beyond my expectation, where 19 LOIs in trade, finance, banking, manufacturing, construction, tourism, mining, hydrocarbon, renewable energy, carbon trade and agriculture were signed,” he said. “In the next two months, we expect to receive some more formal investment proposals from the 19 LOIs in finance, digital banking, agriculture, information technology, hydrocarbon, mining and import/export infrastructure, including mobility and connectivity.”
Kalinoe said the whole-of-government structure in implementing international events like the World Exposition 2020 with the leadership of the PNG Foreign Service represented by Kundu Brussels, had proven that international diplomacy was certainly relevant to achieving Papua New Guinea’s economic and visibility interests.