UK pushes for gender equality

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The National, Friday 19th April 2013

 A VISITING British government minister says discrimination and violence against women remained one of the most widespread human rights abuses. 

Hugo Swire, the Minister of State for the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hugo Swire joined the students of the University of Papua New Guinea yesterday in a forum on gender issues.  

“UK is working to advance gender equality and women empowerment at the same time tackling discrimination and violence issues,” he said.

Justice Catherine Davani who was the moderator asked the students to share what they thought caused violence in their communities. 

A student from the Highlands region said that in her district, bride price paymentswerepractisedbuttoday some men were taking advantage of that. 

“Bride price ceremonies were done as a token of appreciation and to gather families,” she said.

“But today when a man pays bride price he thinks of a woman as his property. He can violate her rights at anytime.”