Umbrella agreement is unique

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 I AM neither a pastor nor a historian but I am compelled to praise Peter O’Neill for connecting PNG with Israel through an  umbrella agreement.

Peter O’Neill will go down in the history books as the country’s most visionary prime minister for creating this link. 

It is unique and different from all other diplomatic relationship with any other nation.

The two nations are separated by a long distance but are now united as one with the exemption of visas for both countries. 

This is the first of its kind in the country’s history.

Why I say this is because, for the past 38 years, our closest friend, neighbour and coloniser, Australia, and others close and far, have made it extremely difficult to obtain such travel documents. But Israel, a distant nation, thinks otherwise.

Well done O’Neill and your delegation for this milestone achievement.

Dalex J Lani

Port Moresby