UMW introduces new excavator


UMW Niugini Ltd introduces its new PC210-10 excavator with improved features with an aim to phase out the PC200-8 model to enable efficiency in civil and construction works.
The three significant features include higher productivity (powerful digging operations and travel performance), low fuel consumption by 20 per cent compared to the PC200 and lower maintenance cost (less maintenance time with new improved features).
Lae UMW Niugini branch manager equipment division Meck Tongon, said Henimba Construction Ltd principal owner Andreas Hombo in East Sepik was the first customer to purchase one of the three excavators.
“Hombo was our first customer bought the PC 210-10 excavator on Monday,” he said.
Tongon said UMW would phase out the PC 200-8 model to cater for the new version of technology and demand posed by applications in the country.
He said their stock of new excavators was on their way while only six PC200-8 units were on hand.
Hombo from Niakombi village started the civil construction company last year.
He previously owned and operated a PMV and hire car business servicing route 1-3 of Hawain on the west coast of Wewak since 2014.
“In road construction, I own a grader, wheel backhoe and a drum roller,” Hombo said.
“Adding the PC210-10 excavator to my fleet will allow us to start a road maintenance company in 2020.”

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