UMW workers trained to improve work ethics and lift standards

Youth & Careers

Thirty staff members of UMW Niugini Ltd took part in a course on work ethics last week.
The cpourse was conducted to address problems encountered in the workplace, raise standard of work competency and improve performance to meet the daily targets.
The company is to help its employees promote work ethics, behaviour towards work, and to know right from wrong at work place.
UMW’s heavy equipment fitter Nick Zanka conducted the training in Port Moresby, Lae and Kokopo.
Participants had two days to attend the training. “Attitude is important and a powerful tool as it affects our work,” Zanka said.
He said work ethics was to do with employees’ attitudes towards work and how to express their attitudes to customers and colleagues.
Zanka said the type of work employees produce should bring good results, provide good services to customers and build relationships to enhance the business.
“After the training, I received feedbacks from the participants expressing their views on the weakness and strengths in the training,” Zanka said.
Kokopo-based UMW storeman Gledsen Auro said the workshop helped him learn many things about how attitudes affect work.
Zanka thanked the top management of UMW for supporting the workshop.

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