UN: Use past success in war against HIV/AIDS

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

UNITED Nations secre­tary-general Ban Ki-moon said the world must build on previous successes to fully prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS at all levels. 
A report by the joint UN programme on
HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) reported that HIV infections, incidences and deaths had decreased to the lowest levels since the peak of the epidemic.   
He said the progress made so far was proof that the world could rea­lise the vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination/stigma and zero AIDS- related deaths.
World AIDS Day will be celebrated today worldwide with the theme – Zero new HIV infections, Zero HIV-related deaths, Zero stigma/discrimination. 
He said the world must build on political commitments, investments, energy, determination and activism to successfully “zero out” the disease.
In June, the UN General Assembly adopted bold targets for 2015 which included reducing sexual transmission of HIV by half, eliminating new infections in children, providing treatment for 15 million people living with
HIV, ending stigma and discrimination and closing the AIDS funding gap.
“With strong political will, reasonable financial resources and a firm human rights-based approach, we can achieve all these targets,” he said.
He said with this progress in the HIV fight, the world was in a position to end the epidemic.