Under water clean-up

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PETTY crime in Madang town has decreased after the provincial government decided to involve the youths in the cleaning and beautification programme, according to Madang police.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Anthony Wagambie Jr said this during the commander’s parade at the Madang police station yesterday.
Chief Insp Wagambie said although small petty crimes around town had decreased, the other major organised crimes would not stop and warned his policemen and women to be alert and perform their duties.
The youths were now venturing further to clean the water fronts and seas around Madang town as part of the beautification programme.
Steven Manda, the chairman of Madang urban youth council, said the waterfronts and seas were full of man-made rubbish like empty bottles and the youths were moving to clean them up.
He said because of this, the youths from the Ambenob local level government area had been engaged to dive into the sea to collect rubbish and make it attractive for visitors and residents to enjoy.  
They are now warning people to be more responsible in disposing their rubbish, whether on the land or in the sea.
A visiting doctor was impressed with the effort put by the youth in beautifying the town, adding that Madang was taking the lead in the overall beautification programme.
Many people are now more responsible in controlling their rubbish but the town lacks proper rubbish disposal area like rubbish drums.
Garbage from many residential areas and business house are still pilling up and rotting creating health hazard for many people as the Madang urban local level government has failed to collect garbage over many months now.
Many people are also complaining that the rubbish from the town main market is being dumped at the Forum Park, also creating an eye-sore and a health hazard for residents and the general public.
The town council’s only garbage collecting vehicle broke down many months ago and is still waiting for parts from Japan to arrive.
Meanwhile, Governor Sir Arnold Amet, who had initiated the programme, warned the youths not to fine people found littering.