Understand reason behind movement


IT is understandable that the public unease and the media discourses about asylum-seekers have intensified in the recent years in Europe.
Public backlash has sent shockwaves through EU political life.
Borders closed, far-right parties claimed parliamentary seats and alarm sounded.
The main problems are that the information regarding factors that cause the displacements of people who become refugees are not shared eloquently within the host countries.
Public opinion is complex, contradictory and often in conflict with the requirements of international law because of lack of understanding and knowledge regarding persecutory elements in home countries that trigger people to flee their countries of birth.
Policymakers should disseminate information and educate the public why refugees exist and explain the morale and humane duty to protect women, children and men who genuinely need international protection.

Handsen Chikowore,
United Kingdom

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