Undertake repairs, Tabar told

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013

 GRAND Chief Sir Paulias Matane has called on Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar to repair the road from Ratunur ward to the Gaulim area of East New Britain.

Sir Paulias made the call in Kokopo, saying it saddened him to see the people struggle everyday while  travelling that road.

“I have been living with the people for some time now after I retired from public service and it saddens me to see the simple people struggle everyday following that stretch of the road,” he said.

Sir Paulias said it was time the government of the day addressed some of the poor road conditions in the province.

He said East New Britain had been a leading province in many things and had to maintain its “model” status by improving road conditions in order to make way for greater services to reach the people.

“There are still many people in ENB who are waiting to see services reach them,” Sir Paulias said.

He urged the Gazelle district administration to help in fixing the Ratunur-Gaulim road.