Undeveloped feeder roads in Sikut

Letters, Normal


I WRITE in response to your articles about Matupit Islanders of the Gazelle Peninsula, East New Britain province, still refusing to relocate to resettlements at Sikut (The National, Jan 12). I am one of the block holders already residing at Sikut and wish to point out the following matters of grave concern to those already residing in Sikut: Feeder roads to the various blocks are not maintained, not even sealed. For those of us whose blocks are situated further into the feeder roads, we have to cross waterways and undeveloped tracks to reach our blocks. It is time-consuming and very exhaustive. There is nil water supply situated in strategic locations among the blocks. Transport is another problem. The people currently living in Matupit have in one way or another experienced these problems therefore are adamant about not leaving the island and I for one do not blame them. Those of us already living up here at Sikut sweated our guts out to get where we are and we are surviving except that more still need to be done by our leaders to develop services to the area. I urge the Provincial Planning Budget Committee, the Provincial Administrator, the Governor and the MP for Rabaul to pay a visit to one of the many blocks located right at the back of the feeder roads to see for themselves what the people are facing. Most of the feeder roads are not maintained, not sealed and it is very strenuous walking to the main road with heavy loads of cocoa bags to sell in town. I urge our leaders to please re-think your development strategies and provide such developments that we the ordinary people, cocoagrowers, tax-payers and voters will benefit from. God Bless East New Britain!


ToMarum Babare,Kokopo, East New Britain.