Undialu calls for CCTV


HELA Governor Philip Undialu has called on appropriate authorities to install closed-circuit television cameras in public places to monitor people’s movement.
He raised the issue after a number of women were allegedly assaulted in Boroko following the Digicel Cup grand final between the Lae Tigers and the Hela Wigmen at the National Football Stadium on Sunday.
Undialu condemned the alleged incident and said surveillance cameras were needed to identify trouble-makers in public.
“This incident was unfortunate,” he said.
“The people responsible should be identified and arrested by police.
“The Hela tribesman was off balance and slipped on the other supporters,” added Undialu, who was referring to the other daily’s front-page picture on Monday.
Undialu said the man was not assaulted or mistreated by anybody.
“How can we write such story and not check our facts before publishing it on the newspaper,” he said.
“The allegation of rape is now a police matter. We want the people involved in the incident to be arrested. On behalf of the people of Hela, I apologise to the women over what had happened to them.”

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