Undialu, help all students

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 I AM not a friend of Philip Undialu nor do I have any relationship  with him, but as my former prefect and mandated parliamentarians, I humbly address this issue as a student in his electorate. 

I entered the Pacific Adventist University two years  ago and upon registration, I was told to pay more than K10,000 as the year mark fees. 

As a fatherless child, I called on my poor mother and relatives to help, and they did for the last two consecutive years. 

This experience that I went  through  is the same as others from the electorate  who  may feel shy to express it and are secretly dying away. 

While  in school, I see a lot of mandated MPs confronting the administration office with cheques just to pay for their students’ fees and I sometimes question what my MP is doing. 

Does he have plans to develop his human resource  in  his electorate? 

Can  he  come  and  pay for my fees too?

At the beginning of this academic year, I have read and seen  in the media about a few MPs in other provinces investing heavily in their students by subsidising their fees using DSIP grants. 

These MPs regard students as an asset worth developing in their electorates for the future. 

I also read about Undialu visiting and sponsoring students in the Philippines. 

My question is can he also visit and sponsor students in his electorate studying in all the tertiary institutions within the country, like what he did for those in the Philippines? 

He is good at preaching about redeveloping human resources during his election campaigns, but nothing has been practised while he is in parliament as we are still struggling to pay for our own fees. 


Wabu Wangai

Port Moresby