Unemployed get training

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013


IT was one small step for an individual but a giant step for Papua New Guinea as 289 unemployed men and women graduated last Friday from a financial skills training programme.

The graduates were from settlements around Port Moresby who took part in a financial skills training organised by the Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation at Anglicare Tokarara.

The graduates, both young and old, braved the heat to receive their certificates, showing that they were determined to succeed in life.

CPL Group sponsored the two-week programme which was for free.

CPL marketing manager Prue Go said such support for life-empowering training showed the company’s commitment to the community.

“I am so happy to see a very, very large number of graduates today,” she said.

Pastor Jimmy Rammy, on behalf of the participants, said the course had given them a new lease on life.

“The education system of PNG has failed a lot of us,” he said.

“We had no means of finding a job and earning a living. The basic skills training you have provided is a very big thing.

“We have learned how to manage money, budget money, and look after ourselves.”

Ginigoada Foundation manager Pastor Mike Field said the certificate showed a lot about the determination of the graduates and it was now up to them to make it work.

“This is not just a certificate,” he said.

“It says that you want to do something with your life.

“The time to swim is finished. We believe that you can do something great with your life.”