Unemployment a concern


As I was driving to refuel at in Port Moresby yesterday, I saw four men working on a molding box for a concrete slab of some sort.
Three of them wore overalls and had their faces covered with hoods and sun glasses.
The other was bare faced.
As I looked at their faces closely, I realised that they were of foreign origin, engaged to do a job any men on the street could.
It was a task which did not require a carpenter or even a bricklayer.
Even if it did, we have many walking the streets looking for jobs.
I drove out of the service station and saw a good number of energetic young men selling soft drinks, betelnuts, peanuts and so on.
If this is happening in broad daylight then the Government, through Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, is not serious about sparing and protecting unskilled jobs for its citizens.

Concerned Citizen, Rainbow