Unemployment blamed for turning youths into alcohol and crime

Youth & Careers

LACK of employment and opportunities for youths lead to alcohol abuse and illegal activities, National Youth Development Authority acting director general Reuben Akia says.
He said a lack of readily-available Government programmes to absorb school graduates led to most law-and and order issues.
“When we talk about law and-order, youths are seen as the main perpetrators,” Akia said.
“We need to change that perception.
“Some of the law and order issues are perception issues.
“Youths are the leaders of today, not tomorrow.
“They are the marginalised group.
“They must be empowered.
“There are many good and positive youths out there.
“They contribute well to nation-building.”
Akia said young people today were the most-intellectual, most-connected and most-informed group.
“In the political arena, more young people voted during the elections,” he said.
“In the field of activism, there are more young people who are participating to fight against climate change.
“They are involved in positive change.
“PNG has so far more than 10 young people recognised by the Queen, for their roles in their respective communities here in PNG.
“For the first time in history, two PNG youths have been elected by 52 countries of the Commonwealth to lead 1.2 billion youths across the Commonwealth.
“This goes to prove that there are intellectual young people who are out there who want to contribute positively in nation-building.”
Akia said youths were not always the problem.
“They are our solutions that many times go unnoticed,” he said.

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