Unfair tax at Kwikila market


THIS is about the Kwikila market tax collectors.
This market has a contractor who cleans the market on a daily basis and is being paid by the district.
Why then are the hard-working mothers and fathers who struggle to put food on the table for their family being taxed?
There is no reason for tax collectors to over-tax the hard working parents who walked or travelled by PMV to bring their produce to the market.
I do not see any reason why you are taxing them K5 per bag, instead of K5 per head, and also why are you even taxing them when there have been no major upgrades of the buildings, fencing or even have a drainage around the market?
Many of those you are taxing do not sit under a proper constructed building, but instead sit out in the sun and rain with their produce on the ground.
The point here is, where are all the money you have collected as tax gone to? Is it being kept somewhere safe for later use (upgrading of the market) or is it being used by the tax collectors for their own benefits.
You, tax collectors, even demand tax from those selling and buying some 60 to 70 metres away from the main market. That is not right and it is truly unfair.

Unsatisfied Nevazega