Unfair treatment


ELEMENTARY level is education’s foundation.
All knowledgeable people have entered through prep, pre-school or an elementary.
I was a pioneer of the elementary education reform and taught for 15 years.
My first pay was K45. I was put on auto suspension with other primary and secondary school teachers in 2012 for unknown reasons.
I filled the EDB23 on several occasions and approached my superiors at the district and provincial level but to no avail. I even went to Fincorp Haus but didn’t work out.
My query was never attended to up until now.
I’m out of the system for five years without any good reason.
I decided to quit teaching and return to the village to look after my wife and 10 kids.
I know many who face similar situation.
The system has affected my years in the public service.

Mulune okovusa,

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