Unfortunate for PM to forgo UN meeting


IT is a very sad day for PNG when Prime Minister James Marape decided not to attend the United Nation’s General Assembly (UNGA) meeting in New York, citing urgent domestic issues and costly exercise.
Hello PNG, UNGA meeting is better than “urgent domestic issues and costly exercise”.
The world leaders are attending this meeting while PNG’s Prime Minister decided to attend domestic issues.
The prime minister himself should go with that group of five or six representative as he mentioned rather than staying back.
If world leaders are attending UNGA what’s PNG compared to those important leaders?
I think the prime minister’s decision not to attend UNGA is very bad for PNG although, he had decided to send Foreign Affairs Minister with five to six delegations.
Or is it to avoid inconvenience from the world leaders meeting Marape as prime minister of PNG rather than former PM Peter O’Neill?
Come on PM, think strategically.
This is an avenue for you as PM to meet important world leaders to discuss business opportunities we have in tourism, agriculture, forestry, oil and gas and many more other areas.
Instead of slashing DSIP/PSIP funds by 20% for all MPs, attend such important meeting to market PNG which will bring in money for the country – for example to fund the supplementary budget that your government intends to pass.

Think Globally


  • The PM James Marape wants to take back PNG and wants PNG as richest back nation in the world and the Christian nation as he is the PM. His preaching is so loud that he is pouring and emptying his mind already. He has nothing to discuss with world leaders. His beating of Tari kundu drum is loud without action.

  • Sharing of responsibilities is right. When your backyard garden is not productive than you have a problem to solve. The PM has chosen the right decision to share or give trusted ministers to attend UN meeting. Remember, PM has his own people on agenda to address because the time is limited. Yes, it true but Bougainville program is so close. Right thinking

  • When the Japanese were defeated by the Allied Forces in World War 2… They had a Policy of Locking their Doors to the Outside World and Developing there own Limited Natural Resources , amongst them was the Copper Resources or Metallic Resources ,,,Eventually the Development of Such Vehicles as Our TOYOTA STOUT…Nissan etc..
    PM JM has Done it Right by Not Attending the UN Meeting and Delegating to his Minister. The Bougainville Issue is a Regional Issue and is at Hand. On another Note Those World Leaders will Still Come to our Shores 3rd World Nations for our Resources. Wee Done PM ,, Your People First and we will see that Vision of the Riches Christian Black Nation

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