Unggai-Bena needs good roads

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “EHP budget passed despite stiff opposition” (Dec21).
I would like to thank the Eastern Highlands provincial government and governor for allocating K3 million to build the Unggai-Bena district headquarters.
As one of the educated people from the remote Unggai-Bena district known as Omena, I would like to congratulate our MP Benny Allan and the district administration for successfully receiving such an enormous amount of money under the 2010 provincial government budget.
This money must be used to create conducive environment where the district administration staff will feel comfortable in handling their duties and make strong decisions for the good of the district.
Apart from this, I also want to highlight other priority areas in which I hope our district administration will look into next year.
The area of immediate concern is road infrastructure or rather, the lack of it.
The road network and condition in our electorate is very poor, which leads to dearth of delivery of basic services in the district.
Successive governments have failed in this area.
It has been years since the people of Unggai-Bena got to enjoy the good road network.
The Government has failed to upgrade or maintain our roads, build new roads connecting villages so that people are able to participate meaningfully in increasing their living standard and be economically viable in this changing world.
I call on Mr Allan and the district administration to make roads a priority area of government services next year while other areas like construction of the district headquarters and others continue.– Mr President
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