Unggai-Benas donate food to Goroka hospital

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The National – Friday, July 1, 2011

PARLIAMENTARIAN Benny Allan yesterday joined his people from Unggai-Bena donate food to the Goroka Base Hospital.
Allan, the minister for environment and Conservation and member for Unggai-Bena, even harvested some food from his village garden to give to the hospital in Eastern Highlands.
The people brought seven bags of kaukau harvested from the minister’s garden at his Mohuveto village.
The Unggai-Bena people themselves gave more than 20 bags of rice, tinned fish, cartons of lamb flaps and noodles to help the hospital feed its patients.
Allan said he had noticed surplus food in his garden and came up with the idea to give it to an institution such as the hospital “We must not be greedy and share our surplus items with others who need them.
“It’s not only food items, others like clothes or any other things which you don’t need can be useful to others,” Allan said.
Chief executive officer of the hospital, Dr Joseph Apa, thanked Allan and the people of Unggai-Bena and said it was not the first time they had assisted the hospital.
“I think this is the third time that the hospital has received food from the people of Unggai-Bena district, and this is something I do not see other districts do in the province,” Apa said.
He said the Goroka Base Hospital provided three meals a day for patients which were costly.
Apa said such donation of food from the people would help ease the burden.