Unhappy supporters burn Lae footbridge

Lae News, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

DISGRUNTLED supporters of a candidate who lost in the race for the Lae open seat have burnt down a footbridge in Sialum compound, near Boundary Road, a community leader says.
Sala Zonge, from Sialum compound, said supporters of Fred Wak had gone to the compound yesterday morning and burnt a footbridge that was built by a church organisation three years ago.
Zonge said the bridge had been built especially for elementary school students.
He said it had not been built by any member of parliament or company but by a church that had the children’s interest at heart.
“Mi no hamamas long dispela kain pasin long ol i kam bagarapim bris olsem. Kain pasin bilong belhat na bagarapim samting em yumi mas lusim. Sapos wanpela lida i win, sapos em i bilong hailens o nambis. Em i lida bilong yumi olgeta (I am not happy with the destruction of the bridge. We must stop this attitude of destroying things. If a leader wins, regardless of whether he or she is from the highlands region or the coastal area. That person is our leader who will represent all of us),” he said.
Zonge said while the bridge was being destroyed, some of the party supporters shouted at the community: “Yupela go na tokim Loujaya Toni long kam na mekim bris bilong yupela (you go and tell Loujaya Toni to come and build your bridge)”. 
The bridge was built to provide a crossing for students of Sialum Elementary School and Hope Academic over a stream that runs near the compound.
Those living in the compound are mostly from Morobe province and the win by Toni is believed to be the cause of the bridge being destroyed.
Police could not be reached for comments.