Unhappy with fund’s move to up contribution

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AS a contributor to one of the superannuation organisations, I am disgusted with the proposal by Nambawan Super to increase contributor’s and employer’s contributions by another 2%.
It has amassed a lot of wealth in terms of real estate properties in our cities.
But it is still hungry to squeeze more money out of the suffering workers.
Let’s not be greedy like the “hungry wolves” of Wall Street in the United States who caused the world economy to spin out of control by their greedy lust for money.
Many workers are already members of various medical insurance schemes.
Let the proposed increase be a personal decision of the member since it is the future of the member that Nambawan Super is so concerned about.
Nambawan Super should not dictate the new policies but all stakeholders should have a say in the matter before enacting them.
It would be better to consider this proposed increment after the LNG dream has actually brought better pay for workers.


Pat Krill
Port Moresby