Uni dept planning new building


THE department of communication and development studies (CDS) at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) needs a new building to provide lectures and offices for the staff.
During the launching of the department’s fundraising drive at Taraka campus in Lae, Morobe, on Saturday, department head George Wrondimi said the department had planned to have its own building.
“Eight years ago, the department planned to have its own building to house the lecture rooms and offices of the staff,” he said.
“Currently, we share the building of the lands and survey department, but we hope to have an office complex of our own in a few years’ time.”
Wrondimi said the building would cost more than K14 million.
“After this launch, we will write and seek funding from corporate houses as well as other interested donors to come on board to help us construct this building.”
He said the new building would be used for learning and teaching of the human resources of this nation.
“For effective teaching and learning to take place, the students and their teachers should use conducive and up-to-date facilities,” he said.
“This building will play a vital role towards the learning of the students as well as for the staff to work in a more comfortable and relaxed workplace to prepare lectures and research.”
The designer of the building, Dr Winter Patilani, said when the office complex was completed, it would lift the image of the institution.
Dr Patilani said he and his team from the architecture department had come up with a design for the building three years ago when the former head of department had asked them to.