Uni expects to enrol 3000 students

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REGISTRATION for students at the University of Technology began yesterday with about 3000 students expected to enrol this year.
Acting Vice-Chancellor Dr Kaul Gena said 575 new intakes had already registered.
Gena said there had been a decrease in intakes this year by 100 because of the limited number of space in dorms and classrooms.
“The first semester will receive 337 students from first year and final year students that will be readmitting for studies,” Gena said in a statement.
“Classes will start on 27 Feb to successfully complete the 15-week each for the two semesters to comply with the international accreditation requirements (IAR).
“The IAR process will continue this year and we hope to complete it in 2019.
“The last day of registration is 3rd March.
“Students on industrial training are also required to get themselves registered with the university before going for industrial training or risk being reregistered by the university.
“Students who had paid 70 per cent, can also do online registration to save time and avoid standing in long queues.
“This is the third year for the university to subsidise laptops for the first year students who will be receiving laptops on the first semester.”
Gena said security on campus continued to be a priority for the management and would be maintained for the safety of students and staff and the properties of the university.

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