Uni hosts management workshop

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

A leadership and management workshop was held last week at the Divine Word University Madang campus for the senior executive management team and line managers.
The workshop held on Thursday and Friday was arranged by the DWU president Prof Cecilia Nembou, for the benefit of the university to keep abreast with current literature and the trends in leadership and management.
Prof David Lamond, an expert on leadership and management facilitated the workshop. He is also teaching in DWU’s popular Master of Business Administration programme as an assistant professor.
Prof Nembou said this workshop was important because it would bring together the executive management team and the line managers to appreciate the literature and current trends and expectations of leadership and management.
Prof Nembou said the workshop on leadership and management was important for the heads of different sections of the university in the academic and administration divisions to be on the same page with the senior executive management team.
Prof Lamond said it was necessary for those in management positions in DWU to realise that leadership and management work together.
He provided to DWU managers insights from his experiences in working, teaching, and researching the subject that enhanced them in the art of leadership and management. Prof Lamond had held senior positions in the many places.