Uni killing

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The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

THE Government is planning to impose a curfew at university campuses to protect lives and properties, and to allow classes to resume.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this yesterday following the killing of a student by a group of armed men in his dormitory at the University of Technology campus in Lae on Saturday night. The men also burnt down properties on campus.
“A curfew needs to be imposed on campuses and strict controls must be in place to ensure that only students, staff and people with a legitimate reason to be there are able to visit campuses,” he said.
“The curfew is intended to maintain law and order, and protect the lives of people and property at the universities.”This will further allow for normal classes to resume,” O’Neill said.
“A new police controller will also be in place to ensure order and normalcy can be restored to campuses.”
He conveyed the nation’s condolences following the student’s death “at the hands of thugs”.
He said cabinet would this week discuss the imposition of a curfew on campuses to ensure safety and the respect for law and order.
“The attack on this young man was an act of brutality. An innocent life has been lost,” he said.
“The cruelty of what happened  is very disturbing.
“The thugs responsible will be identified by police and they will be charged.
“It is believed there were people involved from outside the campus and police will follow every lead in this case.
“If there were students involved, regardless of how much or how little they were involved, they are clearly not fit to be in our tertiary education system.”
O’Neill further called on all members of civil society to condemn such acts of violence.
“All of this nonsense with people interfering in student affairs is a serious problem for our country,” he said.
“Students should not become political footballs and we must all work through these issues.
“Our priority must be to get our young people back to school and all involved must respect the rule of law.”