Uni plans to accommodate new students in 2017

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The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

THE University of PNG will have a structure in place to accommodate first-year students next year who want to enrol after completing Grade 12, according to vice-chancellor Professor Albert Mellam.
Mellam said the programme would accommodate the first-year students this year and the new ones next year.
“The decision will have some consequences in terms of the teaching load and the capacity of the different schools to address the first-year students,” he said.
“The university will look at a pathway that is inclusive and accommodative of year-one students coming to the university in 2017. We will disclose that to the community through a public notice and through our web page.
“The thinking at the moment is that we will try to accommodate all our students who will be doing first-year.”
He said UPNG, in the next couple of weeks, would be putting on its web page tailor-made application forms for students to reapply and come back to the university next year. “We will use the information that exists,” he said.
“It is just an administrative process to give us some sense of how many students are repeating in 2017.
“The university will think carefully and put a win-win pathway for 2016 first-year students and the 2017 ones. Our task is to try and show that we can accommodate as many year-one students as we can in 2017.”