Uni student sings song of praise


USING verbal or vocal political propaganda have evident discrepancies on people nowadays compared to visionary leaders who do not speak too much but formulate and utilise their equations on how to set this world in motion.
As the way it is, let me be vocal on my perception. I am a final-year mechanical engineering student currently studying at the University of Technology in Lae.
However, the financial situation of the status quo is a colossal task, a difficult pill which my family and I are about to swallow.
Firstly, I thank our awesome God that he stipulates and manipulates using a wise and decisive leader to be vibrant in decision-making.
I salute Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro and your tireless executives for your canny approach in liberating the trauma of financial constraints.
Helmsman keep up the intrinsic motivation and the moral fibre in you as it speaks for itself.
I believe no culpability and egocentricity of self-centred bunch of incumbents would devour your wise vision and ambition in the effective service delivery of the district.
Keep letting your personal instinct and wisdom be your officialdom and your “back sit driver”. Our acclamation and acknowledgement is intrinsically beyond gauge or else if I were a dog I would wag my tail.
Without fear or favour, without any social or political disdain, on behalf of the Usino-Bundi students in PNGUOT, I humbly thank you once again for making the funds available and on time during our distress call.
Keep moving Usino-Bundi to the next dimension. Make us shine and you get the reflection.

David K Sugar dust mangi