Uni students ‘stranded’

Lae News, Normal


STUDENTS of the University of Technology in Lae are concerned over the length of time it takes for the Office of Higher Education (OHE) to confirm travel arrangements for their return home.
The students described their situation as being “stranded” and wanted their plight to be brought to the attention of the office, so that the officer-in-charge of travel arrangements could speed up the arrangements.
At least 50 students, male and female, from Buka, Rabaul and Western Highlands provinces were still awaiting tickets to travel home.
However, yesterday evening soon after the complaint was made, half of the stranded students received their tickets to travel home during the weekend.
The other half are hoping to receive their tickets on Monday.
A student, Jeffery Steven said that it had been three weeks since the end of the academic year and the students had not received their tickets.
According to Mr Steven, the travel arrangements for the students were assigned to a private company Wap & Co Limited by the OHE.
Officer-in-charge of students’ scholarship could not be contacted.
Mr Steven said the university administration had been trying to contact and sort out the arrangements with the company.
“Due to the power cuts faced in the city, communication proved to be difficult.”
He said he was happy that some of the students had received their tickets as it showed that something was being done about their situation.
He said the students had to make do with sleeping on the floor and having one meal a day.