Uni swears in council members

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AMID uncertainty and in the midst of a court battle for the University of Goroka (UoG) vice-chancellor seat, Higher Education Minister Wesley Raminai surprised staff and students by leading members of the university’s interim council members into the campus to be sworn-in on Friday.
The usually quiet study-friendly Humilaveka atmosphere was disrupted by a chanting group of Huli Wigmen until the delegation arrived about noon.
The majority of staff and students, gripped with confusion, were not around to provide the UoG-traditional reception.
Only a handful of senior staff members received the delegation.
Raminai led them to Mark Solon Auditorium board room.
The members were sworn in by Goroka District Court Senior Magistrate Josephine Nindue.
Those sworn-in were Joe Wemin (chairman), Dr Goru Hane Nou, Takale Tuna, Johnson Kent, Nelson Auwo, Rose Koyama, John Sari, Steven Nujuitu, Robin Guebianbazzynu, Wayne Joseph and Lavert Ganimo.
Raminai congratulated the interim council members, describing the council as balanced with members from all regions of Papua New Guinea.
The new council members were then ushered out of the campus to Goroka Steak House for lunch, when police served a National Court order on Raminai, Wemin and acting vice-chancellor Dr Teng Waninga.
The order dismissed a motion Waninga filed in court to restrain Joseph Sukwianomb (chancellor) and vice-chancellor Prof Musawe Sinebare and their agents from interfering with his (Dr Waninga’s) management of UoG.
Lawyers, Hebert Wally and Tony Waisi for Sukwianomb and Sinebare, advised that the order weakened Dr Waninga and Wemin’s position at the university, therefore, any activities following the service would be deemed contemptuous.
The service of the document was received and acknowledged by Raminai, Wemin and Dr Waninga through their lawyers.
Raminai then allowed Wemin to chair his first council meeting as chancellor.
Wemin appointed Dr Waninga as vice-chancellor, Dr Steven Potek (pro-vice chancellor policy and planning), Dr Mathew Landu (pro-Vice chancellor academic, research and innovation), Naomi Kouse (registrar) and Jim Mek (bursar).
The appointments were for a short term of six months.