Unified GPA for universities


UNIVERSITIES in the country will be using a unified grade point average (GPA) system.
University of Goroka vice chancellor Prof Musawe Sinebare said the academic senate endorsed the concept last year that all new students this year be assessed under the new five-point GPA system.
“The unified GPA system under the five-point grade system will be graded starting with a five for high distinction down to fail which will be a zero,” he said.
“The percentage range will be high distinction (85-100), distinction (75-84), credit (74-65), upper pass ( 64-55), pass (50-54) and fail (0-49).
“This will only apply for first-year students.”
Prof Sinebare said the four-point grade system where A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1 and F=0 did not properly classify students’ performances.

One thought on “Unified GPA for universities

  • Thankyou at last there will be change to gpa grading which have denied previous secondary students. The world is advancing we need to grasp with significance. It should also go down to upper secondary too.

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