Uniformity sought for Tvet institutes

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013


ALL 12 technical and vocational schools in Madang have been urged to affiliate with the Madang Technical College as a way to achieve uniformity in the syllabus.

This was highlighted during a week-long in-service training for more than 80 participants who came from state, private and church-run technical or vocational schools in the province.

Two outside affiliated institutions, Manus Training Centre and the Hoskins Girls Vocational and Training Centre, sent participants.

Madang Technical principal Patrol Maino said it was the first time for all the 12 schools to come together to find out where their weaknesses and strengths lay.

It was revealed that many vocational or technical schools used a hands-on training approach but many did not have the basic tools or machinery for the job.

The participants heard schools such as Talidik, Bau, St Benedict and Anne Girls, Simbai, Karkar Vocational and Karkar Community College were among those being eyed for the affiliation.

“This is all about coordination and working in partnership,” Maino said.

Teaching Service Commission Mamose region boss, Joseph Ouyoumb said the exercise was all about professional human development.

“Vocational college courses should align with technical courses. We all should be taking the initiative, PNG stakeholders must take this initiative; there should be no brain drain in the country,” he said.

A proposal will be made and given to Governor Jim Kas for a new Polytech in the province.

Included in the plan will be school excursions and teacher training.