Union chief joins Moresby race

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The National, Thursday 17th May 2012

UNION leader Michael Malabag will contest the Moresby Northwest seat in next month’s general election.
Malabag said yesterday he was stepping down as president of the Public Employees Association and PNG Trade Union Congress.
He will stand as a candidate in Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s People’s National Congress Party to honour an agreement he made with his late brother and former prime minister Sir William Skate.
Sir William was the founder of the PNC Party and, in a rags-to-riches tale, rose from the hard city street life to become NCD governor, speaker and prime minister.
Malabag is trying to emulate his late brother after serving in the public service and union movement since April 1975.
“It is now my intention to contest the Moresby Northwest open electorate. I do so with the full blessing of the PEA national congress and the PEA national executive and the PNG Trade Union Congress.”
Malabag is of mixed Western, Gulf and Central parentage.

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