Union launched with mission, plan


CAPITAL Rugby Union (CRU) launched its 2019 season last week. In attendance were Minster for Housing and Urban Development and MP Port Moresby North East John Kaupa, sponsors, and representatives from the eight clubs and CRUs executive committee with the objective of raising the standard of the game in the National Capital District.
CRU, a Port Moresby-based premier local rugby union competition, is made up of eight clubs, with over 50 years of history that continues to deliver skilful players who have represented provincial, regional and national sides over the course of that time.
Speaking during the season launch last Thursday, CRU president Kori Chan said: “Rugby union is a global game. It’s an investment opportunity for our country to grow its rugby talent pool both domestically and internationally.
“We have an opportunity to bring the world to PNG through rugby union hence, rugby has always been about the network and its good business.”
Chan said the union’s aim was to:

  • Develop strong partnership to support the development and growth of rugby union in PNG at the grassroots and national level;
  • Support and encourage good governance in rugby union;
  • Promote good sportsmanship and ethics at all levels of the code;
  • Develop our resources and capability to effectively manage CRU and;
  • Maintain CRU as an institution in the rugby fraternity in PNG.

Chan said the union wanted to explore opportunities to expose and market talented players in sanctioned regional and national rugby tournaments by enhancing players’ self-esteem, confidence and leadership through rugby.
Chan thanked all the stakeholders for their continuous support towards rugby in PNG.