Union office opens

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 4th, 2014

 EMPLOYEES in Western Highlands now have a new workers’ union to address their grievances such as pay and welfare.

This group will act as a regional office for the Highlands region and will support the rights of the employees.

Honda Koim was elected new president of the union last Saturday at the Pope John Paul Oval.

Several companies and their employees gathered to welcome the group to address issues.

Koim said that his aim was to work with the group and address issues affecting the employees.

“This is the first in the country for a province like Western Highlands to have its own workers’ union in place.

“This group will help us a lot and this is the key area to deal with grievances of the people,” Koim said.

“You cannot travel to Port Moresby or elsewhere to address your concern.

“This workers’ union will be called the Highlands Workers’ Union and we have started it here in Mt Hagen first.”

He said that his office was located at New Town, opposite the Wesleyan Church.