Union official wants teacher absenteeism probed

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


EDUCATION authorities should investigate teacher absenteeism because it does not come in isolation, a union official.

Papua New Guinea Teachers’ Association general secretary Ugwalubu Mowana said they supported the Teaching Service Commission for teachers to be committed to their duty.

He said the association wanted commitment from teachers as it was important to provide quality education for students. 

He said teachers’ absenteeism in the National Capital District was an issue that had not been seriously looked at. 

He thanked parents for bringing it up so that authorities could take appropriate action.  

He said the maximum teacher-to-pupil ratio was 1:35 in developing countries but this had increased in PNG. 

The NCD education board should look into it because it might be one reason for the absenteeism, he said.

He said with the tuition fee-free policy in place, teachers struggled to achieve the best outcome despite the lack of resources.

He said the authorities must find out the reasons behind teacher absenteeism and solve them.

He said it was the duty of head teachers to manage the teachers and report to school inspectors.

“When this issue of absenteeism arises it raises questions of whether the head teacher or school inspectors are doing their job,” he said.

He called on all teachers to collect teachers and inspector’s code of ethics from PNGTA office so that understand their role as a teacher.