Union queries State on police entitlements


POLICE Union president Lowa Tambua is questioning whether the Government would be able to settle entitlements for the 1200-plus public servants it plans to retrench next year.
He said that a number of police officers were among the 2000 public servants to be retrenched.
“In 2015, over 200 police officers have retired and they are still awaiting their entitlements,” Tambua said.
The call for retrenchment was made by the Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore in Wednesday’s Parliament sitting as part of the State’s 100-day economic recovery programme.
“As part of cost control measures to reduce staff expenditure and improve operational efficiency, a retirement exercise has been commenced,” Kapavore said.
“The 1229 identified to have reached retirement age would be paid their entitlements once funding is available.”
Kapavore said they needed K40 million for that.
Of the 1229 public servants eligible for retrenchment, 143 have already left.