Unions honour former president

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th August, 2012

UNIONISM in the country received a much-needed shot in the arm over the weekend when the Papua New Guinea Trades Union Congress hosted a feast to honour new Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Michael Malabag and his wife Nellie.  Malabag had been the congress president and told the gathering the country and the government would not be what they were without the contribution of unions.
“The workers of this country, both in the public and private sector, must have their rights respected,” he said.
“Their terms and conditions must be respected. Without the workers of this country, there is no government, there is no country. It is the workers that make PNG what it is today.”
He said unionism would always play a part in politics in the country.
He said one of the things he demanded while the government was still being formed was to do away with the controversial Judicial Conduct Bill.
“The three arms of government must act independently. It is what PNG needs. The legislative arm of government, the executive arm of government and the judicial arm of government must function independently of each other,” he said.
“As president of PNGTUC and president of PEA, I have already spoken to the president of the Nurses’ Association. I am now looking forward to speaking to the president of the Doctors’ Association.