Unions registration underway

National, Normal

The National, Monday 13th May 2013


WORKERS in Madang have been assured by the Trade Union Congress that the registration of the Madang General Workers Union has begun.

Congress president John Paska gave the assurance when raising issues about employees and their rights.

He said Mamose was lagging behind in trade union activities and a trade union movement office had been set up and run by an interim president and secretary.

“The rights of workers must be recognised and respected,” he said. 

“The TUC has significantly contributed to the growth of this nation. We are the voice with a definite role. 

“I want the people of Madang not to be afraid. This is their rights to come out and talk with us.

“We are targeting members who are mostly from the private sector workforce. Madang is uniquely placed with a high number of people working in the private sector.

“The growth is evident and therefore it is important that people get the benefits they deserve.”

He said a lot of employers were “cutting corners” with many workers being underpaid, not given the right recognition under the laws and not being informed of their rights.

He said female workers were the biggest victims of all forms of harassment.

“This is now your chance to come out and speak with us,” he said.

He said the onus was now on the governor of the province to conduct more awareness exercises to have a better informed workforce.

“Your greatest friend is your union,” he said. 

“Do not fear, you have a right. The constitution protects your right as stipulated under labor laws or the Industrial Registration Act”.

He said the move was not against development or business growth but against injustice.