Unit to keep watch on law enforcement, compliance


A JOINT Agency Response Unit made up of officers from various government agencies will be set up to monitor the enforcement of and compliance with laws governing security and sovereignty.
Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mehrra Kipefa said the department would be driving its establishment.
The unit will be made up of officers from the Labour and Industrial Relations Department, PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority, PNG Customs Service, National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority, Internal Revenue Commission (IRC), Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), National Forest Authority, National Fisheries Authority, police, Defence Force and the Health Department.
“We have state agencies carrying out inspections, doing monitoring and ensuring compliance, and where necessary enforcing the laws,” Kipefa said.
Kipefa said if a foreigner was seen operating a trade store in an urban centre and to check whether he was complying with PNG laws, IPA will check whether his business was registered, IRC to check whether he was complying with tax laws, Labour would check his permit and the PNG Citizenship and Immigration Services Authority to check on his visas and passports.