Unite to be strong in community, women told

National, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

WOMEN can become a strong force in the community if they get organised and stand together at all levels of government, acting Rabaul district administrator Hubert Wangun said.
He highlighted this when the East New Britain Council of Women president Alice Pawa visited LLGs in the district to conduct awareness into council activities for this year.
Wangun strongly urged the women to work together and co-operate with each other.
He thanked Pawa for taking the time to visit the ward representatives from the LLGs who assembled at the Balantaman LLG chambers, saying women had been missing out on a lot of development initiatives due to disorganisation of their network in the province.
He reminded them that regardless of different church groups in the wards, all women in the wards should be members of both their respective church women’s fellowship groups and the ENB Council of Women.
He suggested that women leaders talk to their women folks to unite, regardless of whether they were council members or members of church groups.
Wangun said the need for better direction for women’s programmes in the Rabaul district has seen the district administration engage a consultant to draw up policy guidelines for women and youth initiatives. This should be completed by mid this year.
He reminded the women that they could benefit from  organising their ward groups to clean roadsides and do beautification projects to earn money for their ward account.