Unitech damage estimated at K45m

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The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

IT will cost around K45 million to replace the buildings at the University of Technology burnt by a group of men on Saturday night, says Dr Albert Schram.
Schram, the university’s vice-chancellor, said the buildings included the residence of the Student Representative Council president, Department of Open and Distance Learning building, the Appropriate Technology and Community Development Institute buildings and the mess hall.
He said the mess hall alone would cost more than K25 million.
Schram said the university management was evacuating students from the campus because the mess would be out of operation for some time and that the university could not provide food for them.
He told The National yesterday that the academic year at Unitech would continue.
“We need a few weeks to sort ourselves out after the destruction by fire of the mess,” he said.
“IPI is doing a wonderful job getting an emergency messing facility in place. Our friends from Igam (PNGDF) barracks are also helping out with the messing.
“We hope to rebuild the mess this year, and we will have temporary messing facility in two weeks’ time.
“We will convene the academic board and decide on when the academic year can restart.”
He said the matter was being investigated by police.
“We will also do our own investigation. Any student involved in criminal activities will not be registered and be permanently expelled,” he said.
“There was more than enough police and security forces on campus. But the attack on the students was well planned and occurred in the dark.
“It was therefore impossible for the security guards or police to apprehend.
“We have employed all the resources at our disposal to avoid the burning of the buildings. The group of arsonists was too large and mobile.”