Unitech graduation another milestone

Lae News, Normal

THE University of Technology is set to reach another milestone tomorrow when a record number of 912 students are expected to graduate during the 42nd graduation ceremony to be held at the Taraka Campus.
The number surpasses last year’s record of 819, making it another record so far since the first graduation in 1967.
Out of these, there will be two masters of philosophy to be conferred, three post-graduate diplomas, 485 degrees, 50 diplomas, 28 associate diplomas with certificates and 28 certificates.
Another 262 will graduate in absentia.
These are students that have completed their diploma studies and are continuing their studies for the degree programme in their respective courses.
Also graduating will be 55 high school teachers who undertook diploma teacher training during the Lahara session, marking the first time for those who have undertook special training through the department of open and distance learning to be included in the graduation ceremony.
The guest speaker for this occasion will be Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu, who is also the Minister for Lands.
The theme for this year’s graduation is “Innovations for rural development through science and technology”.
As the majority of Papua New Guinea’s population is in the rural areas, development policies must be focused towards the rural majority.
Unitech will continue to produce professionals and research on resources that are regarded as the backbone of the country, including agriculture.
The university’s agriculture department has been a leading academic department in both research development as well as producing highly skilled human capital.
The department produced the first two homegrown PhDs last year, a milestone for the department.
The two master of philosophy graduates this year will also come from this same department.