Unitech increases security

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

THE University of Technology in Lae has beefed up security on campus to ensure the safety of students, staff and properties.
Vice-Chancellor Albert Schram said it was to ensure that students “feel safe to attend classes”.
He said the five regular campus police officers and the 80 Uniforce security guards would be assisted by police officers from Lae.
“The police officers are on campus to protect the students, not to persecute any particular individual,” Schram said in a statement.
He said a small group had been demonstrating, “threatening and intimidating behaviour”.
“As per the agreement with the university, the police officers are bound by precise rules of engagement,” he said.
Schram said the administration was aware that some expelled students and a few non-students were entering the campus to incite minor criminal activities.
He said the campus curfew from 9pm to 6am remained in force.
“Now that we have addressed the security concerns and the issues around the fear of academic failure, we are confident that we can finish the academic year successfully. It is necessary, however, that students return to classes to address academic issues,” he said.
Schram said class attendance was still below 50 per cent as of Wednesday because of the students’ anxiety about academic failure and their fear of other students.
He said the departments were providing opportunities for academic coaching and mentoring, and counselling for students who still felt unsettled.
Schram said he hoped that class attendance would increase to more than 75 per cent today.