Unitech keen to work with Government to meet goals


THE University of Technology (Unitech) is keen to work with the government to ensure its development goals are achieved, says Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Ora Renagi.
Renagi made the comment yesterday when receiving a cheque for K200,000 from the Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Richard Maru.
Maru, a former student of the university, has on behalf of the government, returned to assist the institution in buying a global navigation satellite system for the surveying and land studies department.
Renagi said there was a greater need for universities and government implementing agencies to collaborate and drive forward the State’s development agenda.
“I’m very keen and the senior executive management (of Unitech) is very keen to work closely with the government.
“From the university’s point of view, we are trying to attract government and industry support to meet these kinds of need.”
Renagi said Unitech had realised the direction which the government was now taking to engage universities in development aspirations and they were prepared to partner with the government.
Renagi said there was a need for universities to direct their research to the development needs and aspirations of the government.
“Universities can support by providing data that is needed by the government to support building projects for the benefit of the people,” he said.
“There is a need for universities to direct their research to meet the needs of government; that way we will attract government support.”
He said one example was for the university to work with the government to ensure its goal to supply electricity to 70 per cent of the population by 2030 was fully realised.