Unitech short courses poor

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 26th 2011

I WOULD like to express my dismay over the short courses offered at Unitech through the UDC.
Recently, there was an advertisement in this paper about a short course on advance broadband internet wireless access technology.
The short courses conducted by the electrical en­gineering department were disappointing.
The name of the course sounded nice but the contents and the instructor were a joke.
Anyone can pick them up from Wikipedia.
No job skills were im­parted here.
I attended one of the courses conducted by that instructor and did not grasp anything at all.
He just talked, saying this and that without following the course structure.
I regretted spending K3,000 on the course and decided not to attend any course conducted by this person.
The electrical engineering department is rundown and does not have the resources to support such trainings.